Butch, Sundance, His Bobness, Joanie and The Prince of Darkness in Arizona

Old mate Bob Latham – sports nut, World Rugby Board member, Chairman of World Rugby Regulations Committee, ex Chairman of USA Rugby, my Vice-Chairman/Consigliere during my eight years as Rugby USA champion, lawman extra-ordinaire, prosecutor in the Great State of Texas, writer, lecturer, teacher and music-man – came out from Dallas to visit with us last weekend.


We talked non-stop for two days, closed Spiga on Friday night (following in Mick Jagger’s footsteps immediately prior to the Pandemic), watched the All Blacks smash Australia until 2am Saturday morning, sang Tom Russell songs and Bruce anthems, re-imagined a 3rdRedford/Newman movie after their two classics, put the world to rights from a Purpose driven leadership perspective, sorted out the next Rugby World Cup tournament and re-imagined the Adjunct Professor’s teaching style/approach.  Not to mention Bob channeling Bob (complete with my prized Dylan hat from the Rolling Thunder tour) and Trudy channeling Joanie Baez in Desert Dream’s early evening.


A reminder of our pre-Pandemic world of friendship, sociability and good times.  And a reminder not to let the old man in!!!


Laissez les bon temps rouler.



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