Tina Turner must have been thinking about Patrick O’Connell and his creation – The Inn at Little Washington, when she recorded:

“You’re simply the best
Better than all the rest
Better than anyone
Anyone I ever met”


Three Michelin Stars, five Forbes, five Diamonds – and that’s only the start of it.


Go on-line.  Read its back story, its history and discover the vision of ‘the Pope of American Cuisine’ – founder, owner and legendary chef Patrick O’Connell (according to Robert Mondavi who should know!!).  See True Grit, Peak Performance and how to create a Lovemark – in action.  Look at the three Secrets – Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy brought to life in glorious, vibrant, living colour.


We were introduced to this magical, theatrical experience by Leslie and Alan Berson who are devoted fans and friends of The Inn.


We met them there for a two day escape into a mysterious, promised land – a land of imagination, sensorial surprises and non-stop storytelling.


Alan and Leslie guided us through a starry, wide-eyed experience – with headline performances from Patrick O’Connell (who greeted us in his kitchen for our dinner there in a production that would have graced Broadway – a costume drama that outshone anything we’d ever seen before – felt like a Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice opening scene).  And G.M. Extraordinaire Bob Fasce – the leader of a 170 strong band of merry men and women, who conducted this orchestra in his own quiet, graceful, good-humoured, positive and gracious (and demanding!) way, allowing individual soloists to shine when needed.  (Hats off to Lindsey, Jeff and Martin.)


The food is creative, delicious, tasty and unforgettable.  Full of surprise combinations and apparent paradoxes.


The wine list is worthy.  And classic.


Cocktails are delightful.


I could go on and on – but I can sum it all up in one word.



And one phrase:

“At The Inn, the way they do anything,

Is the way they do everything.”


Michelin calls it “worth a special journey”.  The understatement of the decade!


If you love your partner, if you love you, if you love your best friends – treat yourself and them to a night (or two!!) at The Inn at Little Washington.  As L’Oreal says “Because you’re worth it”.




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