We’ve been at home for 18 months now.  We’ve learned some stuff, hated some stuff and loved some stuff.  We must eliminate/reduce the bad stuff and do more of the good.


Here are nine good things to consider:

  • Don’t look at your phone or your screen until you’ve had coffee, done some exercise and got dressed!
  • Design a functional, personalised, inspirational work space – with a comfy chair and great lighting.
  • Make sure you have great tech and great meeting disciplines (45 minute limit on meetings, 15 minute gap between meetings, five meetings/day maximum).
  • Create work triggers for your brain – start and finish at the same time every day, start the day with a daily to-do list, structure your day to resemble a work day.  Put your schedule up on the fridge.
  • Spell out protocols (expected response time to emails/texts, contactable hours, no-go hours, procedures for emergency contact).
  • Beware the forces of darkness (the fridge, social media, the TV, the sofa and your private phone line).
  • Get outside every day and bring the outside in.
  • Figure out what time you’re at your best and plan to do the important (not the urgent) stuff then.
  • Eat healthy – sit down in a different room – away from your screen, phone and desk.



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