Inspiring a team remotely has been challenging.  And it will continue to be part of our new lives.  Here are nine things that have been helping me:

  • Check in on how people are feeling, using the two-adjective headline structure.
  • Talk about the tough stuff – honestly and empathetically.
  • Trust your colleagues; encourage collaboration and connectivity.
  • Guide, coach or point – don’t control.
  • Be Present.  Be Strong.  Be Clear.
  • Listen actively – with your eyes, don’t interrupt.  Be curious – ask questions.
  • Focus on things that are achievable.  (Manage the Unavoidable.  Avoid the Unmanageable.)
  • Stay calm and demonstrate hope (optimism grounded in facts).
  • Close with the three HUM’s (Humanity, Humility, Humour).



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