First overseas trip since March 15, 2020.


Fully geared up with endless form-filling and Covid testing for a London transit with a flight to Milan – none of which were needed/checked.  Welcomed back to my favourite Milan haunt – The Bulgari – Attilio still ruling the roost, many of the same staff back in place.  Felt so familiar.


A new hat from Borsalino – a Lovemark.  An unforgettable dinner with Trudy’s cousins Ben, Ziggy and Donna and the perfect guest – former Saatchi & Saatchi Milan CEO Fabrizio Caprara.  Everyone in Milan getting on with getting on.


The Band back together again.  Glen stage-managing flew in from Barcelona, and Mark and Sue flew in from London.  15 years on the road together – our first gig in two years; their first live gig since Covid hit.  You can’t make Old Friends!


WOBI’s World Business Forum.  On stage for 1½ hours – adrenalin pumping, 1,000 people fully present and connected, a sell-out.  Creativity, Leadership in a post pandemic, crazy world.  Selfies, four press interviews, two TV interviews, an evening gig for Novatex and 60 of their stakeholders, a lunch gig for 50 Porsche Consulting guests.  Feels so good feelin’ good again.


Train to Florence for a private session with old friends – the Salvatore Ferragamo Family, followed by a very pleasant hour in their flagship store.  Three nights in one of our favourite hotels – The Villa San Michele – a 600 year old converted convent, with old friends Paolo, Adriano and Sylvestre – all still making VSM a one-off, special experience.


This old world still looks the same.



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