Tuesday 23rdFebruary.  At Madison Square Garden, Elton’s favourite venue, in his favourite city, in his favourite country – in front of 17,000 fans (including Trudy and I) in their E.J. glitter/sparkles.  The second of his three NYC shows on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.


He can hardly walk now following his hip/knee surgery, but boy can he play the piano, can he sing, and can he connect with an audience.


Backed by his long term band, enhanced by an incredible sound system and supported by an amazing cinematic set of big screen visuals, he rocked the place.  2½ hours of non-stop hits.  No one sat down – the big screen spelled it out:  “Elton John encourages all his guests to stand and dance in front of their seats.  Please keep the aisles clear but express yourself.”


And we did.


From the opening Benny & The Jets, through to the closing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, a never to be forgotten evening was had by all.


Almost 60 years on stage, hits in every decade, and a soundtrack to my life – “I’m Still Standing”.  So is Elton.



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