My sister Trish and I both lived in Lancaster until our late teens.  We spent a lot of time in neighbouring Morecambe, a fading seaside town on the North Sea (my Auntie Enyd lives there today).  I worked summer jobs there for three summers at Barry’s fish ‘n chip shop, went to dances at The Floral Hall and the Central Pier with some of the 60’s best bands, got into the odd Saturday night scrap with Glasgow holiday visitors, played cricket and rugby there, had my stag night there (at The Broadway), and I’ve taken all my kids/grandkids to The Midland Hotel, the Promenade, the Rocks, the beaches.


So I loved watching ITV’s drama The Bay – all shot in Morecambe Bay.  I recognised every school, every pub, every housing estate – who said Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!!!!  The Bay delivered for me.


Series One and Two are on Britbox, ITV Hub and the drama is around Police Family Liaison Officers.  No guns, no car-chases, no super hero cops – just people in the North West of England trying to get by in a world of difficulty / drugs / unemployment / contradictions / family and bad choices.


Series One covered two topics familiar to my sister and I – escape / teenage pregnancies – and felt very real.


Series Three launched to great reviews in the UK last week.


Two thumbs up for The Bay.



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