During Jake Millar’s uplifting and intimate memorial (KRC, November 29th) in Christchurch last week, part of a poem, The Cosmic Dancer by John Roedel was read out and shared with all those present in the Church and on the livestream.


“… be desperate to live and to

love a little bit recklessly,

caution is a luxury

for those who have

endless days to be patient

– we don’t

– everything is temporary …”


We’ll post the full version next week – it’s a reminder to all of us …


“… it’s all about time

– that’s what makes

it such an adventure …”


I hadn’t come across the poet, John Roedel – a Facebook blogger and, in his own words:

John Roedel – Poet, Writer, Cosmic, Storyteller, Terrible Dancer.  Facebook conversationalist – with the Divine “Hey God. Hey John” and a new book – which I’ve just ordered “Remedy.  The Adventures of a Cowardly Boy & His Heart That Loved Him So.”


And check out his first book “Any Given Someday”.



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