John Roedel



It’s All About Time.


forgive like a comet

is about to hit


hug like the hourglass

is about empty


sing like your voice

is about to go mute


kiss like the candle

is about to burn out


howl like the moon

is about to be stolen


dance like the ground

is about to break open


write like the ink is

about to run dry


treat others today like they

are about to be gone tomorrow


pray like the world

is about on its final spin


laugh like your tears

are about to return


give like Heaven

is about to audit you


watch a sunrise like

you’re about going blind


hold someone like

you’re about to become a ghost


~ it’s all about time


be desperate to

live and to

love a little bit recklessly


caution is a luxury

for those who have

endless days to be patient


~ we don’t

everything is temporary


the calendar is flipping

so fast that it’s become

a wind tunnel


it’s all about time


~ that’s what makes

it such an adventure


fall into this sacred moment

~ it’s really all we have


spend every second

as if you are stargazing

from a hospice bed


fall into this sacred

moment with me


no more unspoken words

no more unmentioned mercies

no more unthawed hearts

no more unforgivable sins

no more unopened eyes

no more unfelt tendernesses

no more unlit candles

no more unkind comments

no more unattended gardens

no more unfinished poems

no more unheard pardons

no more unremarkable kisses

no more unbelieved compliments

no more unaware ignorance

no more unappreciated miracles

no more unopened doors

no more unhealthy relationships

no more unrecorded songs

no more unclimbed mountains

no more understated sentiments

no more unwritten love letters

no more unfollowed dreams

no more unheralded angels

no more unrealized opportunities

no more untouched conversations

no more unthought wishes

no more unuttered prayers

no more untrue sermons

no more unneeded desires

no more unnecessary worry

no more unused dancing shoes

no more unlocked vaults

no more unthoughtful insults

no more untied knots

no more unhappy compromises

no more unread psalms

no more unsealed tombs

no more untaken journeys

no more unseen wonderment

~ no more


these seconds

are racing by


let’s not waste

any more of them


sit with me now

and wrap your

legs between mine


and let’s laugh

together wildly

under this beautiful

falling sky


fall into this sacred

moment with me


it’s really all we have

it’s all about time



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