At 2pm, after a 14 hour flight from Dubai to JFK on Saturday, I was just about to check into my Delta connection to Phoenix when I got the dreaded text – your flight has been cancelled and you’ve been rescheduled on the first flight tomorrow at 6.50am.


No options; no apologies; no refunds; no hotel.  Nothing.


And thousands of passengers were receiving similar emails at airports throughout the US as inept, immoral airlines/airports cancelled flights willy-nilly in the face of increased demand, holidays and corporate greed and incompetence.


I decided to bunker down at the airport given the early morning start and the chaos in the airport, and remembered the TWA Hotel at Terminal 5.


The landmark 1962 TWA Eero Saarinen Flight Center re-imagined as a first class hotel.


Check it out:


1962 recreated.  The Golden Age of flight.  Of music.  Of fashion.  Of design.  All faithfully recreated.


A nightmare stopover reframed as a once in a lifetime rediscovery of Adolescent Dreams, 60’s music playing throughout, the London lounge complete with TWA vintage uniforms, a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the runway, a Lockheed Constellation “Connie” L-1649A transformed into a cocktail lounge, Jean-Georges’ Paris Café, a Twister Room where you can play the iconic game, a 60’s museum, a roller-rink, a sunken sixties cocktail lounge.  Come celebrate the 60’s – it’s worth a visit.


Lemons to Lemonade – a day to remember.




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