Robin and Marline are in the middle of their hard-core annual Tour de Croatia, after a two-year Covid-forced absence.  Here’s this week’s refuel pit stop …


Here in Croatia, on the Dalmatian coast we’ve re-entered the world of food (after what some might call ludicrous isolation).  This Wednesday found us in Dol on the island of Brac, far from Michelin, where konaba chef Toni treated us to a lunch of our Dol favourites.

We started with a Croatian classic, Karlovacko pivo, a crisp refreshing lager.

Then on to an appetizer of fresh baked kruh, liberally dipped in the delightful golden home-made uje (wiped our plate as well like obsessed heathens).

Staying with Dalmatinski, next up was prezena lignja, fried squid served with fresh lemon and an exotic spak tartare.

On the side a dish of garden fresh blitva: chard, potatoes and olive oil, plus a seasonal salata.


And a not to be resisted side of pomfrit (what could be happier).


All washed down with the week’s vintage house vino crno.


Finally what we came for, what made Dol renown, the hrapocusa: bingo cake.


Had our cake and happy we cycled back to our soba in Splitska, feeling oh so free and fortunate.


Our congenial host Pavao Matulic at “Toni’s Konoba”.  (Pavao one of Toni’s two sons.)  The secret sauce, ‘spak tartare’, in the lime green container.  In the debate over masters of the kitchen, Pavao suggests “hunger is the best Chef”.


‘Sretan put’ to all, Zvijeli

Robin and Marline

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