More Leadership tips from the Golden Age of Advertising.

4)  Make Magic

  1. Always fight for great ideas.
  2. Pull rabbits out of the hat.
  3. Don’t give them what they want, give them what they never thought possible.
  4. Treat every advertisement as your own – mentally substitute your name in the key number – still proud of it?
  5. Aim to have as many creative people as you have account people, maybe more.
  6. Make your Creative Director your equal partner.
  7. Push the limits; just because something can’t be proved to work, doesn’t mean it won’t.
  8. Trust your instincts.
  9. Avoid the mundane.
  10. Build a legacy of dreams made real. 


5)  Create PIC’s – Permanently Infatuated Clients

  1. Choose clients carefully.  Make sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.
  2. Never leave a client unsure of the impact of the agency’s work.
  3. Remember there’s nothing like a great idea to make a great client.
  4. Keep the initiative, build the momentum.
  5. Work with clients who are equally passionate.
  6. Never assume a new client on the team has ‘bought into’ the programme.
  7. You can’t do great work for a client you don’t have.
  8. Make clients want to come to the agency.
  9. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.
  10. The best new business is business you already have.


6)  Think Big – Big Ideas Lead To Big Results

  1. Always look for the big idea.
  2. Invest in ideas and insights.
  3. Put your faith in imagination – nurture it, believe in it and resource it.
  4. Great ideas come from anywhere.
  5. Look for long-term solutions.
  6. Embrace change, champion it.
  7. Show your respect for consumers by rewarding them with big ideas.
  8. No great idea is too hard to pull off.
  9. Don’t settle for a partial solution – go all the way.
  10. Search for transformational ideas.


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