Two of the happiest couple of years of my life were spent in Morocco.  1978 and 1979.  Marketing Director for Procter & Gamble based in Casablanca.  I made great friends there (Aaron Levy, El Adiwi, Mouillek), played a lot of clay-court tennis, visited all parts of the country and fell in love with the people, the food, the wine and the spirituality.

My first son was born there in the Clinique des Fleurs in Oasis, and our home in Casablanca (57 rue Lamonais) had its own internal garden with fragrant Ladies of the Night flowers.

And yesterday Morocco knocked the mighty Spain out of the World Cup to enter the Quarter Finals for the first ever time.  They face Portugal in the last eight.

Bravo North Africa, Bravo Morocco, Bravo the Atlas Lions.  A seismic shock.

Mabrouk Maroc.

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