Here are six positive/affirmation/confidence tips from an unusual source – spoon-bender and illusionist – Uri Geller.  They work!

    • Believe in yourself

    ‘The first step is to have faith in your own ability to change your life. Only you have the mind power and only you can achieve your goal, no one else can do it for you. So accept this, don’t allow any doubt to creep in, seize responsibility and go for it!’

    • Write down your goal

    ‘Word it clearly. Forbid all other ideas to distract you from your target – that includes both good and bad problems such as family affairs or negative news. Keep your words to hand so you can see them and refresh your intention.’

    • Say the goal out loud

    ‘Speak it out loud and don’t mumble. If it can’t be understood, how else can the world hear you? Express your goal loudly and clearly. Don’t sound desperate as you say the words – sound confident.’

    • Visualise your goal

    ‘Whatever you visualise you can materialise. If you can go there with your mind, you can go there with your body. I had a dream to create a museum of art and personal objects given me throughout my career, with a giant 11 ton bent spoon. I opened the Uri Geller Museum in 2021 in Old Jaffa in Israel, where I live. That spoon I imagined is now a record holder for the world’s biggest spoon in the Guinness Book of records.’

    Use your imagination to picture your target. Visualise all the details; from tastes and sensations to sound.

    Create a movie in your head and watch yourself achieve your aims and hit the target.

    Visualise how others will react to you when you have achieved your target.

    • Repeat your goal often every day

    ‘When I was a child, just like a hypnotist, I would hypnotise myself before I went to sleep by running target words to achieve my goal through my mind three times before I went to sleep, so it was embedded in my sub-conscious.’

    Choose target words to represent your goal. For example, if you want to buy a new car, you can use a word to describe its colour or make. Before you go to sleep say the target words three times in your mind out loud. Affirmations are a gentle form of hypnosis. They embed into our sub-conscious to become a truth.

    • Don’t dwell on the past

    To re-programme your mind, it is important that there is no falling back in old unhealthy habits. To help yourself stay on track in the present, say this affirmation out loud whenever you feel conflicted.

     ‘That was then, this is now.’

    I’ve been following these maxims for years now.  I call them my daily ABC’s.  Ambition – Belief – Courage.

    • Choose some of Uri’s favourite affirmations to plant in your subconscious

    ‘I can.’

    ‘I deserve to get what I want.’

    ‘I deserve success.’

    ‘I wake up feeling great.’

    ‘I’m a winner.’

    ‘I’m an achiever.’

    ‘I get things done.’

    ‘I love myself.’

    • Now make some affirmations up of your own. Remember to say or write them in the present tense

    • To power up your affirmations say them in front of a mirror morning and night

    Be your Best You in 2023.


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