I posted my hopes and fears for 2023 last month. This prompted  Robin Dyke to break into verse on his take of what this meant.

The photos show the man himself running the mile at the home of the Miracle Mile (The Empire Stadium Vancouver in 1959) and a shot of him after a ride and climb in Croatia last year. His poem follows.


this is what popped into my poet’s head while my hopes and fears played out up at the park last session—
Hare & Tortoise
As these days and years
spin by, I’ve slowed
not kept pace with 
my ambitions.
Not worn of life, of living, 
just more content to check 
off what I can or can’t, enjoy 
the claim of doing.
Still, some things deserve 
a finish. 
If not, que sera, sera, that’s 
all the will there is.
Some rivers will not be 
pushed, their flow is
from their source.
And I find myself back in my 
beginnings, not in aged
wisdom, in childhood
happy in that quiet peace,
the simple play
of being.
Are these memories
the most precious
in the end?

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