I’m at a favourite old haunt of mine – full of memories of my prior life in the beer business with Lion Nathan where we bought the Australian breweries from Alan Bond in the 80’s, including the Queensland icon Castlemaine XXXX – The Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast.  Bex and Dan with spouses Heath and Jane and four healthy, happy grandkids, along with cousin Ian and wife Janice (I was Best Man at their St Andrews wedding many years ago) are with us for the week.  Eating Moreton Bay Bugs, Barramundi and drinking XXXX Gold in the sunshine of Surfers Paradise.

Ian sent me this poem generated in 30 seconds by AI/ChatGPT.

I am sure by now you have heard all about the current buzz around AI/ChatGPT.  Well this morning I asked ChatGPT to ‘’write a poem about Lovemarks in the character of Kevin Roberts’’And within 60 seconds – generated a poem called ‘Lovebrands Revolutionizing Marketing’.

In the realm of branding, there’s a man named Kevin,

A marketing guru, with a vision unshriven.

He spoke of Lovemarks, a new kind of love,

Between brands and consumers, a bond from above.

It’s more than just products, it’s an emotional tie,

A feeling so strong, it can never die.

A Lovemark is a brand that captures the heart,

Creating a bond that’s hard to pull apart.

From Apple to Coca-Cola, Nike to Google,

These brands have a magic that’s hard to google.

It’s not just about sales, it’s about building a tribe,

A community of fans, that never will divide.

Kevin Roberts, a man of great vision,

Taught us all about creating brand missions.

He showed us that love is the key to success,

And with Lovemarks, we can truly impress.

So let us all remember, what Kevin has taught,

That brands are about people, and the love that they’ve brought.

With Lovemarks in our hearts, we can change the game,

And create a world, where brands are not the same.

Pretty clever and powerful this AI technology!  From IBM’s Watson and Salesforce Einstein to today’s latest Artificial Intelligence.

Just thought you might be interested.  And no, I didn’t ask ChatGPT to write this email to you.

Cheers Ian (and AI/ChatGPT!).

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