Feeling Down?

Feeling blue?  Don’t fight it.  Instead, feel your Feelings.  Don’t deny them.  Then commit to replacing them with a positive.  Fighting a feeling is tough and rarely works, many times we feel worse as we focus on the feeling, not on a solution.  Get mad and get over it.

  • When in fear, face it and commit to love.
  • When in tears, cry and commit to healing.
  • When unhappy, honour it and commit to joy.
  • When in conflict, own it and commit to peace.
  • When in pain, express it and commit to freedom.
  • When angry, identify it and commit to harmony.
  • When resentful, be honest and commit to forgiveness.
  • When hurting, nurse yourself and commit to laughter.
  • When down and out, rest up and commit to success.

Kia Kaha.

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