My old friend Bob Seelert, former Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and the man who brought me into the Company – is still going strong.  Here’s a note he sent me having read the KR Connect piece ‘Amazing’.  An insightful observation on Creativity and A.I. for us to reflect upon.

Thank you Bob.

Kevin.  I enjoyed your recent post re: AI.  As it so happened, it coincided with my watching Tucker Carlson’s two day interview with Elon Musk.  Other than Steve Jobs, Musk is the most intriguing “genius” I have watched in my lifetime.  Musk characterizes AI as possibly falling into the category of a “threat to civilization”.  Wow!  I’m certainly not the guy to fully understand this, but your post got me thinking about the subject.  Your AI “poem” certainly fell into the somewhat “amazing” category, but as I reflected on it, there’s a big difference between creating this “poem” versus creating the Lovemarks idea itself, which you had the human insight to do!  In my mind there’s a huge difference between these two things!  One is the original creation of your mind.  The other assembles all that you have done, albeit in lighting speed, but it doesn’t have the creative insight you had to come up with Lovemarks in the first place.

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