Kia Kaha, Kia Toa

A great morning at Tamaki College with an inspirational Principal – Soana Pamaka, the first Tongan to take charge of a New Zealand senior college, her team (Kathryn and Nepote) and a 150 strong group of senior students.

We celebrated some incredible student achievements – including three young folks who finished in the top 1% globally in an international Maths on-line challenge, with some optimistic, caring and demanding teachers – led by Soana – a special person, a special teacher, a special Principal, a special Mum and a special New Zealander.

Daughter Bex, and Breakfast Club Founder Steve (a one-off!!) were on stage with me, having brokered the event and who demonstrated Nothing is Impossible (including the ultimate role reversal – me working for my youngest daughter!!).

I spoke to the young, hard-working, under-privileged, diverse group of students about five things:

  1. Everything Starts with Purpose:
    • Dream – Spirit – Focus
  2. Start every day with your ABC’s
    • Ambition – Belief – Courage
  3. Remember the 6 P’s
    • Proper Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance
  4. Focus – Commitment – Discipline
  5. Adapt – Improvise – Overcome.

And left them with this message: Dare to Dream. No Surrender.

A morning spent refilling my tank of love and hope – inspired by Soana, her team and her students.


Respect.  Innovation.  Success.  Excellence.

Be strong.  Be Brave.

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