“Ask yourself how old would you be if you didn’t know the day you were born.”

KRC – October 21, 2020

A great line from Toby Keith’s song inspired and written after playing golf with 80+ yr old Clint Eastwood and listening to his plans to produce, direct and star in an upcoming feature film The Mule  (

Robin shared with Bob Seelert and I a blog – ‘Oldster’ – and a question they were posing “What age are you in your head?”.  Some gems from the blog:

  • Most adults over 40 responded with an age 20% younger than their actual age.
  • A friend nearing 60 told me whenever he looks in the mirror he’s not so much unhappy with his appearance as startled by it – “as if there’s been an error”.
  • “How old are you in your head?” is a much more positive question to answer than “how old do you feel?” – for obvious reasons.
  • Viewing yourself as younger is a form of optimism rather than denialism.  (I knew I was right!!)
  • A 76yr old mother intuitively felt she was 45.
  • I feel exactly the same as the previously mentioned mom (with no knee pain!).
  • Robin feels he’s a kid again – eagerly waiting for us to toss another ball for him to catch.
  • And we’re waiting for Bob’s answer.

Don’t let the Old Man in.

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