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In October 2007 I was invited by WOBI to speak at their World Business Forum in Milan.  We launched the Italian version of Lovemarks to around 2,000 attendees and we had a blast.  I’ve given around 12 key-notes for them since, on Creativity, Innovation and Leadership – in Milan, Radio City Music Hall in NYC, Mexico City, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Melbourne, Medellin and Bogota.

I’ve spoken on the same bills as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Gary Hamel, Michael Porter, Tom Peters, George Lucas and Andre Agassi!  Later this year I’ll be speaking in Sydney with (amongst others) James Cameron and Indra Nooyi, in Mexico City with Steve Wozniak and Muhammad Yunus, in Bogota with Michael Phelps and Carly Fiorina and in Madrid with Francis Ford Coppola.

WOBI’s a great Ideas outfit with their own TV station for whom I’ve produced loads of content.  They put on great two-day conferences with stimulating speakers, lots of content, and lots of networking opportunities.  Come and see us at:

  • Sydney – 11th/12th October
  • Mexico City – 7th/8th November
  • Bogota – 8th/9th November
  • Madrid – 14th/15th November.

Or if you can’t come on out, then take a peek at these four short clips on Winning, Leadership and Creativity:

Or take a 10 minute visit to part of my 90 minute Milan preso directly after Covid:

We are living in The Age of The Idea, and WOBI do a great job curating sessions around that.

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