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What Do Leaders Do?

They win.  They deliver. Here are two brand new books from mates of mine who have won and led at

A Short History of Paper

True innovation is irreplaceable. Innovation makes our life easier – it changes our worlds. Here are five refreshers about a

5 VUCA Books

Here’s a guest KR Connect post from Michael Davies, a Lancaster Royal Grammar School history teacher and winner of the

I Know This To Be True

A new book out in New Zealand which must find its way into your life. I know this to be

The Church Of Reverend Bruce

Got my copy of Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography. Am getting drenched in words, experiences, emotions. Writing in The

FB Live With Sree

One of the joys of launching a new book – in my case 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World

Summer Reading

2 books for summer reading – if you are Sports/Soccer nostalgia buffs. Spirit of ’58 – Evan Marshall – The

True Grit

Determination. Resolve. Perseverance. Strength of character. Peak Performance. Whatever you want to call it, there’s a brave four-letter word that

64 Shots In New York June 15

Mark the diary: Wednesday June 15, 7pm, KR one-on-one with Alexis Glick for the Academi of Life. A few years

64 Shots – A Taste

As we gear towards the launch on June 21 of 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World, I’m going to

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