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Netflix is Back!

I’m a Netflix Fan – and they’ve been struggling with a few growing pains of late.  It was heartening to

Black Hat Thinking

Curmudgeons, black hat thinkers, devil’s advocates, and people who say “but” infect most organizations and systems. They have a role

Lessons from the Lunch Pail

Big business has a lot to learn from Mumbai’s dabbawalas, lunchbox carriers who keep the office workers of India’s “Maximum City”

77 New Lovemarks

Image source: You know I love a list, right? We just refreshed and it’s on “live test” right

“The New Watching”

Image source: “Is YouTube the new television?” asked Jonathan Ford the FT’s chief writer in a recent article. Well,

Business Scents

I give my fair share of presentation and speeches each year, and a question I frequently ask the marketers, CEOs,

Ryanair Looks for Love

For the first time in its history, Ryanair is going to cut its fees in the name of “service improvements”.

White Beauties

Icons are a powerful part of loved brands; and the best ones are loaded with mystery. Two white Lovemarks made

The Mystery of Luxury

What makes a $1,000 pen different from a $2 pen? Why would someone pay $300 for a shot of Louis

Live HappILLY

An article in the August issue of Decanter brings together two joys of life: Illy coffee and Brunello di Montalcino.

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