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The Boss is Back

We’re off to see The Boss again – November 30th in Phoenix – Row 12 – up close. I’ve been

Not Only, But Also …

And there’s great entertainment being streamed on other platforms too.  I’ve just watched these:   Bruce Springsteen – No Nukes,

No Surrender

31 months ago I saluted The Boss on Broadway (December 19, 2018) as he closed his 2½ hour show on

The Middle

Superbowl for 30 years or more was all about the ads for me in my previous life.  This year it

Active Ageing

Robin sent me a great article last week by The Atlantic / New York Times columnist David Brooks who had


I’m Alive and I’m Coming Home. We’ll all be listening and singing this Live next year.   Because tramps like

Back on the Highway

June 14 sees the release of The Boss’ first studio album in five years.  Three tracks are currently available on

Springsteen on Broadway

Mr Born to Run – up close and personal. My Hero.  My Age.  My Height. If I could sing, I’d

The Church Of Reverend Bruce

Got my copy of Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography. Am getting drenched in words, experiences, emotions. Writing in The

Leading the Life You Want

Image source: / I’ve been a fan of Bruce Springsteen since the beginning. I’m also a firm believer

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