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Tipping Talking Point

Artificial intelligence is many things: logical, useful, scary, efficient, marginalising, shocking, exciting, wonderful. An area where I think AI will

Trends for Telcos

Last week I gave two presentations to a major national telco in Asia, one on leadership, the other on Lovemarks.

Lessons from a String Quartet

Think of a string quartet – a tight ensemble; four players of stringed instruments – two violins, one viola and

Digital Dysphonia Dilemma

Image source: I’m talking about a dilemma that applies to Gen-Z – the cohort born in the mid-to-late 1990s,

Lost in Gesticulation

Image source: According to the BBC, there are around 7,000 different languages in the world. It comes as no

Emoji Cravings

Image source: The digital world will never capture the intimacy of an in person conversation. Chat, email, text, Skype,

The Jerry Maguire Effect

Image source: You know that line “You had me at ‘hello’” from the movie Jerry Maguire? Researchers from the

The Q-Loop

An interesting and worthy book came across my desk the other day on organizational change. The model, in short: great

Visual Scandal

Amongst the media frenzy and concern for personal privacy caused by the recent NSA PRISM scandal, another revelation shocked us

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