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Seeing Into The Future

The word ‘visionary’ typically isn’t one that’s used lightly. It carries a lofty, almost daunting feel to it. Perhaps because

Data, Debate and Solving Problems

Image source: The situation is this. You have a big problem. You set out to tackle it, starting with

Good Ideas Gaining Traction

Image source: When was the last time you came up with a brilliant idea but stopped there, without having

Hunting Creative Leaders

This idea that creatives can’t lead is bogus. The image of creative people as loose cannons, introverted obsessives, or people

Exporting Ideas To The World

Image source: It comes as no surprise to me that the ideas economy is showing the most growth in

Free Advice

Image source: We may be from different sides of the pond, but Tom Friedman and I are on the

Embracing Contradictions

Peter Grauer is head of a $7 billion business. He is the CEO of Bloomberg, the global financial media and

Game Changers

The Harvard Business Review recently highlighted the fine example of Sir Peter Jackson to describe what its authors call ‘The

Not a Drop to Drink

Over 780 million people around the world do not have access to clean water or sanitation – critical to reducing

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