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The Future of Learning

We are facing a crisis in education. Education simply hasn’t kept up. Teaching methods, teacher training, the stuff we’re learning

A Short History of Paper

True innovation is irreplaceable. Innovation makes our life easier – it changes our worlds. Here are five refreshers about a

Twitter Gets Emotional

A tempest in a teapot has been brewing over at Twitter since the online social networking service replaced its ★ with a ♥.

Joining the Dots O2O

‘Online-To-Offline’ (O2O) refers to a growing trend in e-commerce that sees customers from online channels being connected with physical spaces.

Digital Dysphonia Dilemma

Image source: I’m talking about a dilemma that applies to Gen-Z – the cohort born in the mid-to-late 1990s,

Unlocking Passwords

Image source: When did the password become part of everyday life? Most people will have something to say about

The Happy Straddler

The straddle generation. Not a term you’re likely to have heard before, but if you’re like me, you’re in it.

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