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For F***’s Sake

In 2011 I was giving a keynote speech at a major economics conference in Spain. The country has produced many

Building an Engaged Economy

The ‘Disengagement Economy’ – what a terrible term. In an article on Huffington Post, Robert Hall describes it as the

Do More And Better With Less

Image source: Nothing beats a creative idea, and in a high-speed world Jugaad (in short, an innovative fix) hits

The Economic Value of Nature

Image source: Insect pollination is reportedly valued at £136 billion a year. Michael McCarthy, in a recent article on

Creative Industry. Boom.

Image source: Creative industries are becoming a key driver of economic growth globally. In the US, value added for

Shaking up Switzerland

I spent a day last week in the idyllic Swiss town of Interlaken, staying at a lovely hotel overlooking the

The Can Kicks Back

Late in 2012 I was in a documentary made by filmmaker Scott Galloway called Overdraft. The film presents a broad

Inauguration Priorities

Washington DC was festooned yesterday for the second inauguration of President Obama. The history, scale and self-belief on show were

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