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Music on the Mind

Image source: Cat Stevens’ ‘Father & Son’ comes to mind for me. I’m talking about music that evokes a

Curated Hotels for the Creative Cognoscenti

Image source: / Hotels are hiring curators, following prominent artists and decorating their spaces with expansive art collections.

Buying Art With Emotion

Image source: Kosta Boda, a glass gallery in Sweden, recently awarded three artworks to the highest emotional bidder in

Shadows and Light

Research from the University of Toronto Scarborough suggests that our emotions, both positive and negative, are intensified by bright light.

Emotion (Less)?

Conventional science says we have six ‘classic’ emotions. Happy, surprise, fear, sad, disgust and anger. Emotion at its most simplistic.

Love is Sweet

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a nice discovery that love does indeed make some things in life

Well words

Lawrence Rosen, MD of Oradell, New Jersey is an integrative pediatrician and co-author of Treatment Alternatives for Children. He is

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