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The Crazy Idea Process

Physicist Isador Isaac Rabi, who won the Nobel Prize is said to have said: “My mother made me a scientist

One for Wellington

I’m in Wellington New Zealand this week for two monster rugby games, the British and Irish Lions versus the Wellington

Full Speed Ahead

The impact of technology on modern living is mind-blowing. Tom Trezise, an expert in accelerating innovation in healthcare and in

Designing and Doing

“Actually trying something is very different from learning about it in theory. I could explain kitesurfing until we’re blue in

Beyond The ‘New’

Image source: ‘New’ carries a sense of mystery and excitement. I’m not just talking about new objects and things,

Reinvention: The Common Thread

Image source: Above everything else, you must be open to change if you want to survive and thrive as

Do More And Better With Less

Image source: Nothing beats a creative idea, and in a high-speed world Jugaad (in short, an innovative fix) hits

Motivation Breeds Innovation

Image source: ‘Innovation’ can be hard to grasp. Put simply, how do businesses, governments and organizations prepare for the

Technicolor Turns 100

Image source: Technicolor was first incorporated in 1915; however it didn’t really cotton on until after World War II.

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