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Think Broader, Closer, Younger

Tony Fadell is known as the mercurial “godfather” of the iPod and described as a born tinkerer with a combative

Customer Relationship Trump Card

An article by Christof Binder and Dominique M. Hanssens on Harvard Business Review provides further proof that Lovemarks are where

Reinvention: The Common Thread

Image source: Above everything else, you must be open to change if you want to survive and thrive as

BMW or Merc?

Image source: / I’ve known Leszek Marcinowicz for 55 years. A gifted linguist, an unappreciated goalkeeper and wicket-keeper,

Happiness is Love

Image source: Like wine, longitudinal studies improve with age. So says Dr George Vaillant, chief curator/analyst/investigator of sorts for

Writing: The Craft

Image source: In our bite-sized content driven culture, there is a tendency to read without considering the craft of

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