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Mad Men (V)

And finally – Have Fun! Happy People make people happy. And Happy People are 30% more productive.  10)    Have Fun!

Mad Men (IV)

More Leadership Tips for today, tomorrow and 2023.   7)  Pursue Failure Good judgement only comes from bad judgement. A

Mad Men (III)

More Leadership tips from the Golden Age of Advertising. 4)  Make Magic Always fight for great ideas. Pull rabbits out

Mad Men (II)

Ten Top Tips – actually 100 split into 10 groups of 10.  (Who said leading an Agency team was easy? 

Mad Men (I)

I spent almost 20 years as an Ad Man, as Worldwide CEO of iconic agency Saatchi & Saatchi.   Early

Top 10 Tips for 2021

Here are 10 tips for leaders to focus on over the balance of the year. Never Stop Listening. Tell the

Don’t Waste the Crisis

Caribbean Campari/Aperol mate, outstanding Leadership thinker and all round good guy – Alan Berson, sent me these 10 new questions