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Memories of A Great Man

23 years ago I had a two hour one-on-one with Shimon Peres in Jerusalem.  I had been honoured to be

Mad Men (V)

And finally – Have Fun! Happy People make people happy. And Happy People are 30% more productive.  10)    Have Fun!

Mad Men (IV)

More Leadership Tips for today, tomorrow and 2023.   7)  Pursue Failure Good judgement only comes from bad judgement. A

Mad Men (III)

More Leadership tips from the Golden Age of Advertising. 4)  Make Magic Always fight for great ideas. Pull rabbits out

Mad Men (II)

Ten Top Tips – actually 100 split into 10 groups of 10.  (Who said leading an Agency team was easy? 

Mad Men (I)

I spent almost 20 years as an Ad Man, as Worldwide CEO of iconic agency Saatchi & Saatchi.   Early

Top 10 Tips for 2021

Here are 10 tips for leaders to focus on over the balance of the year. Never Stop Listening. Tell the

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