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I’m at a favourite old haunt of mine – full of memories of my prior life in the beer business

Latest Lovemarks

I wrote Lovemarks, The Future Beyond Brands – in 2005 and The Lovemarks Effect a year later in 2006.  Both

What Makes Must Watch TV

I was talking to some of FremantleMedia’s drama leaders and doing some reading / thinking about what makes compelling television

Lovemark Cities

It’s an interesting fact that the cities ranked most liveable are not always the cities that are most loved. Traveller

Entourage Academy Podcast

A couple of months ago I had a lively and intense conversation with Secret Entourage founder Pejman Ghadimi about marketing and branding.

Sergeant Pepper at 50

The Summer of Love, June 1967. 50 years ago. My daughter Nikki was born on June 24. A Lovechild of

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