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Four Millennial Myths

An 85 page report by Mizuho Securities shines a light on four millennial ‘Assumed Facts’.1. Myth Millennials have migrated in

The 60’s

The decade I grew up in. The decade that changed everything. Have been binging on CNN’s original 10-part series “The Sixties”.  Produced by Tom

Designing and Doing

“Actually trying something is very different from learning about it in theory. I could explain kitesurfing until we’re blue in

Building an Engaged Economy

The ‘Disengagement Economy’ – what a terrible term. In an article on Huffington Post, Robert Hall describes it as the

The Can Kicks Back

Late in 2012 I was in a documentary made by filmmaker Scott Galloway called Overdraft. The film presents a broad

Roll Over Rock N’ Roll

Gone are the days when beatniks, punks and rock n’ rollers are what youth aspire to be. Entrepreneurs are the

Sharing, Caring

Millennials – GenY – have completely different spending habits to their predecessors. A new car and a house used to

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