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Sheer Magic With love, from me to you. KR

My NYC Love Affair

In 1972 I was living in London and had just been headhunted to run New Product Development for Gillette in

The Boss is Back

We’re off to see The Boss again – November 30th in Phoenix – Row 12 – up close. I’ve been

We Shall Overcome

I was a teenager in the 60’s – impressionable, rebellious, principled, anti-war, anti-big-government, pro peace, pro freedom, pro equality, a

The Power of Music

I love music. Music can offer an escape, can drum up memories from the past and can be a great

Diving Into Dylanology

He’s America’s greatest shape shifter; his lyrics are both timeless and endlessly poetic. And he has won the 2016 Nobel

Sergeant Pepper at 50

The Summer of Love, June 1967. 50 years ago. My daughter Nikki was born on June 24. A Lovechild of

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