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Wallow, Be Kind and Keep Safe

Point 10) Have a ‘timed wallow’.  No good ever comes from ruminating or wallowing in misery and self-pity for over

Tune In, (Turn On), Drop Out.

Point 9) Give your brain a holiday from Coronavirus.  Avoid ‘rumination’ by giving your poor overly-busy wandering mind a rest

Be Kind

Point 8) Help yourself by helping others.  This takes the attention off ourselves and we all need to feel useful

Watch Your Media Diet

Point 6) Watch your media diet – keep using the “helping or harming” test.  Take a good look at your

Create Your Daily Routine

Point 4) Keep supportive daily routines or create new ones if you’re now holed up at home.  “As Normal as


Point 5) Focus on what matters, and what you can control.  Concentrate all your attention and resources (psychological, social, physical,

Dealing to Coronavirus

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