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Who Do You Dine With?

The dining table is the stage for much of the theatre in our lives. It’s where we tell stories. It’s

A Star is Born

Image source: Had the best meal I’ve had for ages. In William Wordsworth’s place of work in Ambleside (he’s

Googling You Back

Image source: Restaurants nowadays are all about getting people on and off seats as quickly as possible. Good food

Coming to Claridges

Watching a great chef being recognised by a great institution is as satisfying as relishing one of the that chef’s

Eating the Weird & Wonderful

As teenagers do, two Kingston boys recently attempted to elevate their fast food experience to a McBanquet. With cutlery and

Spain Back On Top

Bet that’s a title you didn’t expect, especially with Spain’s unemployment at an all-time high. But one thing Spain is

Color Palate

People are more interested in food than ever. We watch reality television about food, and read blogs and magazines about

Top Class

The maître d’ of a restaurant is a like a stage manager of a theatre production. The food is the

Shining Stars At The Lakes

Two of my favorite local restaurants in the Lake District have recently been awarded the highest honors awarded in fine

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