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Don’t Look Back

I never look back.  To me yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  I live my

Ukranian Pie

Clever, Catchy, Funny and Moving.  Had Trudy and I dancing in our roof-top bar in the Sonora Desert (Tonto’s) last

What Best Men Are Made Of

My Best Man – Robin – is a great reader, thinker, athlete, husband, mate and poet.  One of his self-appointed

Foodie Friday – Biking in Croatia

Robin and Marline are in the middle of their hard-core annual Tour de Croatia, after a two-year Covid-forced absence.  Here’s this

The Dying Art of Friendship

Some notes inspired by David Brooks, Robin Dunbar and Robin Dyke – with thanks so all my 150 ‘meaningful’ relationship

Don’t Let The Old Man In

Robin sent me a link to a conversation with Stewart Brand, 83 years young and still Curious.   From psychedelics


A simple framework for Dream – Realisation developed 20 years ago by Gabriele Oettingen.  We use it as part of

That Was The Year That Was

A birthday poem gift from Robin …     Live Life, Love Life (LXXI/LXXII)   2020 has come to this—

Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork

In the 60’s / early 70’s, I read everything that Richard Brautigan wrote.  Novels, short stories and (very short) poems. 

The Time is Now

I’ve been talking a lot lately about moving between Survive, Revive and Thrive.  Greg Foran, CEO of Air New Zealand,

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