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What Are You Watching?

I just completed a round-trip from Phoenix to Doha and back.  46 hours with my iPad.  Here’s what I’ve been watching.

The Greatest Night in Pop

January 25, 1985.  Los Angeles.  I was living in Nicosia, Cyprus, running Pepsi Cola’s business in the Middle East, 36

What Are You Watching?

After four weeks of Christmas (!) with three sets of grandkids in Desert Dream, we’re heading out for a week

The Killer

Youngest son, ex NY Film Academy graduate Dan, told me I’d love this.  I did.  Incredible performance by Michael Fassbender. 

Tapie – Class Act

In the early 90’s, I was on the Board of New Zealand Rugby and was tasked to take the game

What are you watching?

Lots of flights recently – so lots of bingeing.  Some highlights: Happy Viewing.

Greatness (Part II)

I wrote a piece on Greatness last month (August 1st) and while I was on Vancouver Island with Robin, he

Netflix is Back!

I’m a Netflix Fan – and they’ve been struggling with a few growing pains of late.  It was heartening to

What are you watching this year?

Everyone has a guilty viewing pleasure – something that may not be critically acclaimed, or may not be very ‘modern’

What Are You Watching II

As the fightback continues and the world begins to believe in the scientific miracle we are experiencing, we still have

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