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Happy at Work?

I’ve been working on Happiness/Wellbeing at Work for around a decade now – on the basis that we spend around

Is This You?

The Institute of Employment Studies released today a survey of people working from home amidst lockdown. ·        50% were feeling

Happiness Without Borders

I‘ve blogged about happiness and personal wellbeing at length. In recent years happiness has gained ground all around the world.

Smart Cities for Wellbeing

Technology, data and sensors – the architecture of the Internet of Things – are raising the IQs of cities around

Winding Up Wellbeing

I recently wrote about the importance of personal wellbeing in sustainable peak performance. We need to take care of ourselves

450 Calories and Less

The need to slim down is a health imperative for the majority of people in most of the world’s countries.

Find an Urban Oasis

It’s no secret that nature is good for us. But is it really capable of changing the brain? A new

Wellbeing Index

Image source: Define. Measure. Act. Those are the three words used to describe the city of Santa Monica’s latest

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