Keep It Simple (from The Times)

Four Royal Marines have planned to row across the Pacific in 2020.  They asked Rowing great Matthew Pinsent for any tips. The four times Olympic

Danger. Danger.

What’s the most dangerous place over Christmas / New Year? An aeroplane.  Any aeroplane. How many of us have caught a cough or a cold

Raise the Glorious Flags

On this critical Election Day in the UK, I was given this paragraph from Winston Churchill’s autobiography by Historian (and entrepreneur at Oxford’s Foundry) Judson

The Boys are Back in Town

Just out.  Scorsese has done it again.  He’s brought back the Big Three – De Niro, Pesci and Pacino (plus Harvey Keitel).  Three hours, 30

Inspiring Business Brilliance

Three years ago I joined 21 year old Jake Millar’s journey to drive Faster Business Learning among young leaders / entrepreneurs under the Unfiltered banner.

Foodie Friday. The Home of Ceviche.

We are en route to Medellin to give a speech on Creativity and have stopped off in Cartagena, Colombia for the weekend. A beautiful spot

Thanks for the dance

Released today. A post-humous album of unreleased work, full of love, arranged by Leonard’s son Adam. A gift from a father to a son. A