O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree …

The warmth and glow of our Christmas tree brings comfort, happiness and hope for the coming year.  Every photo taken in front of the Christmas

Ukranian Pie

Clever, Catchy, Funny and Moving.  Had Trudy and I dancing in our roof-top bar in the Sonora Desert (Tonto’s) last night – and shaking our

Hail Auld Reekie

I spent a few days last week in one of my favourite cities – Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.  I was there working on repositioning Edinburgh

2022 Wrapped

Got your 2022 wrapper yet? Am listening to mine – 4,475 songs, most played – Whiter Shade of Pale – a classic, 1,678 artists listened

Oh Lucky Man!

Try to remember the kind of December when I was a young and callow fellow. 1972, Swinging London, working for Gala Cosmetics Group under the

The Time is Now

I was in Wales last week with 20 European Football coaches, helping them along the Road to Peak Performance.  The Assistant Coach of Real Madrid

Go The Atlas Lions!

Two of the happiest couple of years of my life were spent in Morocco.  1978 and 1979.  Marketing Director for Procter & Gamble based in

La Casa de Carlota

Herdy has been Roaming Free, from The Lakes to Barcelona. Herdy Founder and Creative Director, Spencer Hannah, found La Casa de Carlota, and ISDIN Golden