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My NYC Love Affair

In 1972 I was living in London and had just been headhunted to run New Product Development for Gillette in

The Big Apple

We’ve had a home in New York since the late 1990’s – well two actually.  First on West Broadway in

64 Shots In New York June 15

Mark the diary: Wednesday June 15, 7pm, KR one-on-one with Alexis Glick for the Academi of Life. A few years

Acts of Mindfulness

New York City is often referred to as The City That Never Sleeps, but what does that mean for the

The Sounds of Our Lives

Image source: | If you had to ‘brand’ your city or town with a tune, what would it

I Promise To Love You

Here’s a reason to visit New York’s Times Square. Midnight Moments: A Digital Gallery takes advantage of the Square’s famous

In Spite of Ourselves

I left a snowy, wintery UK on Sunday and arrived back in New York in time to catch a concert

Design By Democracy

New York City wants to revamp the humble city payphone and is looking to the community for ideas. Grand in

Sandy Shore

On Sunday night I was due to fly to Buenos Aires to speak at an HSM conference and to give

Bouley And Babbo

I was in New York last week and enjoyed the ultimate dining experience at two of my favorite restaurants in

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