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Foodie Friday – Corsica Stars

Two dinners at the beautiful Casadelmar just outside Porto-Vecchio in Corsica.  The island’s only two Michelin Star restaurant – a slice of heaven.  Italian chef

Words of Wisdom

My old friend Bob Seelert, former Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and the man who brought me into the Company – is still going strong. 

20 Tips from Moffo

I worked hand-in-hand with (ex Australian Rugby League CEO) David Moffett in the 90’s when he was the CEO of New Zealand Rugby and I

Feeling Down?

Feeling blue?  Don’t fight it.  Instead, feel your Feelings.  Don’t deny them.  Then commit to replacing them with a positive.  Fighting a feeling is tough

Happy People Make People Happy

I wrote a few weeks ago about Cary Cooper’s happiness-at-work habits. Here’s a list of nine things I know about happiness: And a 10 point

Andy Warhol on The Gold Coast

I’ve been a Warhol fan from the get-go – and have a few signed limited editions in my own collections (including the four Jackies taken