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Trudy, Vanessa, Kendall, Cameron and Andrew joined me in Dubai last week.  Here’s what they thought.


From Trudy:

When I last visited Dubai in 2017 I had a strong desire to take Vanessa and family there one day.  My dream came true last week.  We had the most memorable, magical time in the exotic city of Dubai.

We departed New York on Cameron’s 12th birthday.  The flight time from NYC to Dubai is a long 12 hours.  Fortunately Kendall, Cameron and Andrew are experienced travellers and treated the long flight as an exciting destination to the unknown.  Introducing them to new adventures that create unforgettable moments is what I strive to do.  We added a treasure trove of memories during this trip.

Kevin was waiting for us at The One & Only Royal Mirage resort.  He welcomed us to the spacious, beautiful, lush green property with its sandy beach surrounded by the magnificent skyline peeking out above the palm trees.

Our week of adventures begins at the Burj Khakufa. 

Vanessa’s impressions:

My mom talked about Dubai a lot.  I had no idea what to expect as we planned this trip.   I knew I was going to a modern city in the Middle East but what was so special was about to unfold.  Because of social media Kendall and Cameron knew more about it and were so excited to experience The City of Gold.  Topping the list of ‘must do’ was going to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest structure! Though the kids wanted to go to the very top (floor 163), it was very exciting to peer over the city of Dubai on the 125th floor, which is the highest floor allowed for tourists.  It was spectacular to see the amazing amount of modern, beautiful buildings.  Never did I think 12 year old Cameron would be taking it all in and appreciating the architecture. 

The whole family was in awe that we had the city’s modern urban amenities at our finger tips and then were able to retreat to our beach oasis in the heart of the city.  Our accommodations were amazing.  We welcomed returning from city wanderings to our pool-side rooms, change into our bathing suits and spend hours going from the pool to the beach, relaxing in the quiet as if we were secluded miles away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.  Spending our evenings having a casual dinner at The Jetty on the beach with the kids running on the beach or swinging on the swing was a highlight!

We woke each day knowing what was in store for us – an amazing breakfast!  There was not one thing you could want that they didn’t have.  And what a surprise after breakfast to meet a falconer and his falcon who showed us tricks and let Cameron and Andrew perch the falcon on their arms.

Our favourite day was probably going out to the Dubai desert reserve on our Arabian adventure.  The desert was breathtaking, the photos were priceless, and Andrew couldn’t be happier rolling down the sand dunes and burying himself in the sand.  Though I couldn’t help to think that there must be scorpions about!  Our tour guide, a South African named Jaco, was so knowledgeable about the desert and Dubai and shared his learnings.  He was so welcoming, funny and taught us so much about the area.  Especially the camel racing!  He was especially fantastic with Andrew – letting him experience the desert with encouragement.

Our favourite meal was dining at Chic Nonna.  Our friends Emanuela and Mimo treated us like royalty.  When we arrived at this beautiful restaurant I was a little worried that my picky, energetic sons would be completely out of place.  I soon realised there was no need to worry as everything, and everybody  was so wonderful and welcoming.  The food was so beautiful and the staff so accommodating to the kids. 

Another thing I truly appreciated about Dubai was how clean everything is!  We went to Warner Brothers World, the Mall, and the Museum of the Future which draws in the crowds.  You never saw so much as a piece of popcorn on the floor.  People were always wiping everything down and sanitising surfaces.  What an incredible operation and feat to keep everything impeccable.

I so wanted to bring the kids to the Middle East so they could experience the beauty of being somewhere so different than our town in New Jersey.  We loved seeing the beauty of another culture.  The people in Dubai are incredibly warm and friendly.  Everywhere we went we were met with big smiles, a caring attitude and a reassurance that they are at the ready to help with whatever we needed.  Top of the list was our driver Gangadhar.  My kids are still talking about how wonderful, sweet and accommodating he was.  What a lovely man!

My love of travel has come from my Mom and Kevin. The amazing places they have showed me over the years have been priceless.  Going to these places has sparked this love in my kids as well.  Opening their eyes to the beauty of the world at such a young age has changed how they see themselves in it. 

Kendall’s impressions: 

Visiting Dubai was an eye-opening and intriguing experience.  We went to different popular and unique attractions through the city including The Mall of Dubai, The Burj Khalifa, and the Museum of the Future.  It was interesting seeing the modern architecture and style of buildings throughout our excursions in the city.  Every day we experienced something new and looked forward to our adventures.  At the end of the day we were able to relax by The Jetty as the sun was setting.  One special evening we dined in the famous Cipriani’s.  Overall the trip exceeded expectations and was an unforgettable experience.

Cam’s impressions:

I loved Dubai because of the unique architecture, the perfect idea brought to life, a mix between city and desert, a special kind of beauty like no other.  We met Popi’s friends at Kimoha.  Big smiles and warm welcomes from everyone there.  What nice people.  We loved the Hotel and breakfast buffet so much!  Being on the top of the world at the Burj Khalifa was a feeling that you have to be there to understand.

And impressions from Andrew:

I liked being on the beach.  The water was calm and warm and I saw little fishes swimming around.  There was a swing on the beach and I liked being able to swing on it in the dark during our dinner.   It was so cool to climb and roll down the sandy dunes in the desert.  The Museum of the Future had a colourful room* with different bugs, animals, trees in jars.

* The Vault of Life – 2,400 crystal specimens in jars.

We love Dubai!

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