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The Three Amigos

A Texan, a Lancastrian and a West Coast Canadian walked into a bar. The man in the big hat was

Lovemarks Lives

On Lovemarks’ 20th Birthday, choreographer and partner in concept Brian Sweeney sent me this note from Felipe San Juan. As

Don’t Let the Old Man In

A continuing reminder to self!!!!  And here’s another episode. I’m on the Board of Oldham Athletic FC.  Our Owner and

Here’s to the Oryx

I flew from Manchester to Doha and Doha to Melbourne last week.  It’s 20 hours or so in the air

Be True to Your School

I was surprised last week to receive an email from the Headmaster of my old School – Lancaster Royal Grammar

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Just arrived back in a wintry Europe – with visits to Manchester, Lisbon and Barcelona all on the schedule last

Train Hard, Work Hard

I’ve started the year with a Dry January, daily Peloton / road-biking sessions and healthy eating.  Why?  So I can

What Are You Watching?

After four weeks of Christmas (!) with three sets of grandkids in Desert Dream, we’re heading out for a week

Let’s WOOP Again!

Two years ago (KRC February 11, 2022), I shared Gabriele Oettingen’s WOOP theory on this blog.  I’ve been using it

Chapeau Chapeau

“Wisdom is the recovery of innocence at the far end of experience.” A tip of the hat to my long

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