Still in Dubai.  Still with old friends.  This time Vinesh Bhimani – and his Exec Leadership team at Kimoha – the UAE’s leading packaging and label manufacturer.

I’ve known Vinesh for over 40 years when he was at the helm of Khimji Ramdas, P&G’s distributor in Oman.  He is now the uncle, mentor and supporter of Jesal (KRC, March 15th 2024) and the Founder and MD of Kimoha.

We spent the day reviewing Kimoha’s 2024 ‘pain-points’ and plans – and covered OODA, The Leadership Framework and The Four Agreements, and worked on Blue Oceaning the business and defining Winning in The Kimoha Way.  An open, honest dialogue with a clear set of actions for the next 100 days and the balance of 2024 agreed and ready to roll.

Nothing beats the combination of an experienced Founder, a sharp, open CEO, strong, confident functional leaders and a provocative outside stimulus (well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?!!).

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