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Mumbo Jumbo

I use my fair share of acronyms. ABC. ADE. VUCA. RLRJ. FF/LF/FF*. They are a useful shorthand device, but overdoing

Assess Decide Execute

I lean heavily on the BQ factor – “Bloody Quick.” In my book 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World

Risky Business

Is a life without risk worth living? Looking at the recent “adrenaline-themed” issue of lifestyle magazine Kinfolk, I came across

5 VUCA Books

Here’s a guest KR Connect post from Michael Davies, a Lancaster Royal Grammar School history teacher and winner of the

Beauty And The Business

I love the English Lake District (I have a sanctuary in Grasmere) and it’s National Parks Week in Britain. An

Moving Meetings Forward

There was an interesting article in The New York Times Magazine recently about the nature of meetings, how we continue

In Praise of Strong Silent Types

While the received image of most business leaders and self-starters is that of someone with a gregarious, outgoing, and commanding

Baking Good Business

When it comes to our eating habits, we’re more predictable than we think. It’s a good thing too, if you