More Good Times (this time in Dubai, not Thyme)

Exactly 12 months ago I was with my Middle Eastern Family – Fouad Es-Said and his eight man Transmed leadership group – on what was our fifth annual two-day Peak Performance session – held last year at Thyme in The Cotswolds (KRC, March 21st 2023).

On Sunday and Monday of this week we convened again in Transmed’s high tech, inspirational HQ in Dubai.

The team has expanded to a core group of 14 leaders to reflect the addition of some new merged businesses and functions.

We spent a beautiful two days debuting a new programme ‘The Art of Practical Creativity’, debunking many myths hindering Creative confidence, and introducing new thinking on ‘Winning The (fill in the name of your company, eg Transmed) Way – a piece of thinking developed expressly for Liverpool Football Club last month.  (Next week we will be completing the definition of ‘Winning in The Liverpool Way’.)

(This project was particularly liked by Transmed leaders as Liverpool FC is a lifelong passion of season ticket holder and Transmed Chairman/CEO/Owner – Fouad, who wore the signed Jürgen Klopp and 1st Team squad jersey I gave him throughout day one of our session [and for all I know he may well have slept in it that night].)

It was a great two days fusing lessons and learnings from sport and business and seeing similar passion expressed for both – and reflecting on the almost identical cultural and performance standards held by both Transmed and Liverpool FC.


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