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Happy People Make People Happy

I wrote a few weeks ago about Cary Cooper’s happiness-at-work habits. Here’s a list of nine things I know about

That Guy John Wareham

John Wareham I’ve written about John in June 2017, in December 2014 and November 2011…… Obviously I hold him in

From eldest son Ben

In Darkness comes light. Through adversity comes strength. Through pain, comes change. The tragedy that New Zealand suffered has been

No Regrets

A personal life philosophy in my more seasoned days is to focus on making happy choices. It follows naturally from

Merry Christmas Y’All.

We are in our Carefree, Arizona home for a Cowboy Christmas. Last night was a sing-song around the fire with

Retail Physics

Online shopping is on a roll. Today around eight-in-ten Americans are online shoppers. 79% have made an online purchase of

Restore A Church

Many years ago – 1999 – I spoke to the clergy of the Christchurch Diocese in St Peter’s Anglican Church,

I Read The News Today – Oh Boy

Christmas looming… my favorite gift for giving – ‘The Beatles Lyrics’ by Hunter Davies. The stories behind the songs of